Our Team

Martina Schmidt
Fachärztin für Dermatologie
Venerologie & Angiologie
Allgemeine Medizin
Seit 10 Jahren
Dr. Med. Univ.

Martina Schmidt

    Dimitri Papas
    Facharzt für Schönheits Chirurgie
    Seit 20 Jaren
    Dr. Med. Univ.

    Dimitri Papas

      Sepideh Neshat
      Permanent Make Up Expertin
      Seit 25 Jahren
      Experience the Art of Caring

      About Weutiful

      It all started with a promise.

      A promise I made as a child to my nanny at the time: “One day I’ll make beauty affordable for everyone!”

      Several years later I was able to keep my promise.

      With the founding of Weutiful.

      15 years of research and huge investment sums have gone into the development of our products and devices.

      Because Weutiful didn’t start out as a beauty clinic, but as a producer, whose products are still used by cosmetic surgeons around the world today. In our factory in Dubai we manufacture all the materials and equipment that we use in our beauty clinics ourselves.

      This is exactly where our secret lies: As a direct producer, we can not only guarantee the highest quality, but also offer the lowest price. No middleman surcharge will be passed on to you as the customer.

      Eternal youth. The perfect complexion. A firm body. Voluminous hair. – Beauty is not a trend. It is omnipresent, always.

      Being able to change your own appearance creates a completely new attitude towards life.

      For many people in the past it was not within their grasp or affordable, thanks to Weutiful, the path to even more self-confidence is now easier than ever before.

      We believe that everyone is beautiful just as they are.

      But we also believe that every person has the right to continuously develop. Internally as well as externally. Just as he / she wants it to be.

      You & I are Beautiful, We are WeUtiful.

      You Are in Good Hands


      Our passion for beauty, perfectionism, and precision is what makes us the leaders in the beauty industry.
      Our highly credentialed team offer unparalleled expertise, quality of service and most impressive aesthetic outcomes at affordable prices. Their time, care, and personalized attention to detail are what our clients enjoy the most.
      All services at Mawien Center are supervised or provided by our team of highly trained professionals.
      The most welcoming front office staff is always ready to accommodate any of your requests.

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